Nagar Panchayat Daulatpur Chowk is situated on South-weast of Himachal Pradesh.It has characterstics of hilly as well as the plain area and has the hinterland of fertile irrigated agriculturae land. The sawan river originate from Daulat pur chowk . historically, the witnessed many up and downs , whole Una distt. Was part of the Kangra state i.e. is TRIGARTA, the land between the three rivers Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, bulk of its area , which is called Jaswan Dhun was ruled by Katoch family of Kangra State. Panini, asanskrit scholar in 5B.C described Trigarta as the land of Audhajivi sanga. Jaswan state with its capital Raipur near Amb was founded by Purab Chand belonging to Katoch family of Kangra in 1170 A.D. From Purab Chand to Umed Singh,27 Princes ruled the Jaswan State.Daulatpur Chowk is easily accessible by road from Shimla 275 km., Dharamshala 100 km., Chandigarh 170 km., Amritsar 150 Km., Jammu 200 km. , Delhi 425 km..It caters the need of around 30 Villages surrounding Daulatpur Chowk within a radious of 10 km. Therefore, it has become prominent businees center and hence all rounded many businessmen to work and settle here.Daulatpur Chowk town has a large cultivated area because of which it makes heavy Contribution in Agriculture as well as horticulture.This Nagar Panchayat Notified in 1979 but functioning start from 1982.

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